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What is everyone doing on Sunday afternoon? Script talking and thinking off script

What is everyone doing on a Sunday afternoon? Script talking and thinking off script.

Last weekend I walked through my town, it was a sunny day. I walked through the centre then on through a housing estate. There was hardly anyone about, I felt like I was on the Truman show and had walked off script and the producers were panicking to get some cast in place.

How do all these lawns stay immaculate when no one is cutting them on a sunny Sunday, is there a sporting event on and that’s where they are? I still am confused it makes me feel otherworldly and a bit anxious. I wanted to knock on each door and do a survey. Ask where everyone from the household was and have been doing in the last hour. All these empty houses means there must be a crowd somewhere, what was I missing out on? How could I fit in? Why don’t I fit in? How come they all want to follow the script.

Script talking is the weirdest thing. Have you ever noticed it? In its simplest form it’s ‘how are you’ ‘I’m fine how are you’ but there are far more complex scripts out there that we all know the words to. I often feel pressured by peers to tell them despite my horrendous divorce and battered circumstances that ‘I’m happy now’ I’m not, I’ve found some love and learnt a lot but it’s not the tv show Friends where a lot of these scripts seem to come from. My thoughts are original and complex as well as my feelings and circumstances and I hope my words. I love to just tweak a script off centre and throw it off course but this can upset people and they think you are odd.

We’re the evacuee children of World War Two not really sent to safety in the country but to childcare so the workforce of mothers had time and energy to work 12 hour shifts?

Are our children sent to school not for education but for efficient childcare to free up a workforce?