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Freedom is scary

Four years ago my life as I knew it ended, he left and ended my love, my children’s childhoods, my sense of where I was in my world, my home, my job, my security, my ability to trust. I survived and slowly I’m rebuilding but now I face another period of endings.

My youngest will soon leave home, my poor dog is on her last legs and the cat not far behind, even my dear mum is struggling. My menopause is here and I’m losing my youth and probably my libido too. My partner is moving to the other side of the country.

With the loss of things In the past I gained freedom, but it’s scary stuff. I can move to almost anywhere, start again except I’m starting as a middle aged person, not a mum with kids in the same school. It’s going to be hard to break into the inevitable middle class, middle age cliques, a place I don’t fit at the best of times, but, I can reinvent myself – Madonna style. I don’t think I have the energy to be anyone other than me though.

My last enforced freedom had me jumping out of planes and into bed with near strangers, luckily one of those strangers saw through all that and had the patience and understanding to hold me.

I’m worried I’ll have the strength to face the next set of endings that seem to be converging, beyond my control to the same few days in my near future, a real punch to my belly. Can I face the horrors of loss and stand up again somewhere new, I won’t be alone this time but my gallant knight has a few rust spots and belly wounds as well, that’s why he was so understanding.

It’s a chance to move away from the pain, but the pain has a certain familiarity.


smelly dog – lip fold dermatitis


Lip fold dermatitis- smelly dog

Firstly please know I am not a vet or qualified in animal care in any way. My poor old dog had been smelling so foul the house was like an abattoir. Off to the vet we go and find this stinky sore on her lower lip rotting away. The vet cleaned it up gave us antibiotics and some hibiscrub to clean it twice a day. It didn’t work. We were back, she cleaned it but to no avail. Dog hated the hibiscrub it obviously hurt her though she was an angel about it. 

So I’ve tried a few other things and found something that really worked. I mix half water half cider vinegar and wash the wound with that. The dog doesn’t mind it and instant smell relief I then rub in a little jojoba oil and we have a cure. Just have to repeat every few days but she doesn’t mind the vinegar at all.