Discarded by a narcisist

I’m over him, I know, but still sometimes I get a little wave rippling on from that tsunami. Yesterday’s wave was a feeling of being discarded.

My ex is wealthy and I am not, so my kids have this odd thing going on where dad takes them on lovely holidays, buys them cars etc and they feel guilty when they see me for accepting. Sadly this often comes out as aggression to me. So he’s taking my daughter skiing and paying for an amazing experience trip around Asia for her summer. It leaves me with complicated emotions, it must leave her with even more, so I take her snappiness and smile and say how wonderful and send her back to uni with homemade vegetable stew. I can’t compete and I don’t want to.

How do children feel when they see their parents like this? One super rich (but can’t afford a final settlement) and the other scraping by? Pity? Anger? I don’t know how to help them cope with these emotions.


1 thought on “Discarded by a narcisist

  1. Leaving A Narcissist

    What a nightmare – I have the same issue – my kids each had a $30 bday budget last month because otherwise we wouldn’t have food yet Dad is taking the little one out of the country for vacations 10 times on the weekend he has her this year according to the schedule he made… Then add in disney for 10 days. Meanwhile I ate potatoes for the last 2 days so the girls could have strawberries…. Hang in there, the most precious thing you can give a child is your time which a narc will not do. Souse your time to be present and engage your kids – this will mean more to them in the long run. Kids are smart!


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