The two codependents, the burnt pizza and the narcissist.

My new partner and I were cooking pizza after a hard day. I had pre heated the oven, he unwrapped and I placed them on the shelf un be known to me he set the timer on his watch. We were cold and sat in the next room by the fire and were enjoying a discussion on a recent political event.
Suddenly I smelt the burnt pizza, we both rushed in and they were both burnt to a charcoal mess. I looked at him as I apologised waiting for the onslaught I was used to in my marriage to the Narcissist. You idiot, what on earth will we eat tonight, why didn’t you time it, what a waste of money… Blah blah blah. Instead I got, I’m sorry it’s my fault, I set a timer but was so enjoying our discussion I forgot. Seamlessly we both apologised and moved on to scrabbling a few left overs together and a makeshift meal, continuing our discussion and reflecting how our respective ex’s would have been angry or stormed out and blamed us – who were only too ready to take full responsibility.
So if you are in a new relationship I strongly recommend a burnt pizza test before you commit, just to find out who/what you are dealing with.


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