Divorce parenting from both sides – Disney dad

Seeing both sides of divorce.

After a weekend of cooking, cleaning and joining in with the entertaining of my partners child I then get the other side as my son comes back home from his own Disney dad to boring old me. I understand having seen both sides how difficult it is not to be a Disney dad. But what are we doing?

I noticed how my partner upgrades to hot chocolate with all the trimmings when his son is here and we do fun things like ice skating and chores are forgotten. It also scares me that his son has started to expect things by right. How if dinner is 5 minutes late I get an ‘about time’ comment. Does my son behave like this at his dad’s?

It scares me, what children we are making with Disney parenting? Are we making kids with unrealistic expectations? Are we making Narcisists (or at least bringing out those qualities) who will never be happy in the real world?


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