Chosing life as an upgrade

Choosing life as an upgrade?

I don’t remember as a child having the options to upgrade on almost everything we did. My poor old dog recently had a stroke but made a great recovery, the vet offered a prescription that would cost me £75 a month that would give her the ‘upgrade’ from normal and to be honest well past her sell by date life, to a better one and possibly even longer. I had to embarrassingly refuse, I love her to bits but I can’t afford it. I’m feeling tired of constantly having to chose the upgrades I can afford and suffer the embarrassment of those I can’t. Especially in front of my family and friends.

Normal hot chocolate or the one with the cream, flake and marshmallows; normal winter wonderland experience or the one with the premium ice skates and penguin; Santa’s knee or a full on trip to Lapland. A Skoda or a Volkswagen. My mums Christmas pudding or the one some celebrity chef has personally vomited on?

Are we all so arrogant to believe we (or at least our kids) should have the best? Sellers seem to be following this lucrative belief.

My partners old dad has just been offered a similar deal to the dog, NHS (no op, just some antibiotics) or private (to get an operation and subsequent improvement in quality of life). Isn’t it rather dark that we are in a world of choosing life as an upgrade?


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