smelly dog – lip fold dermatitis


Lip fold dermatitis- smelly dog

Firstly please know I am not a vet or qualified in animal care in any way. My poor old dog had been smelling so foul the house was like an abattoir. Off to the vet we go and find this stinky sore on her lower lip rotting away. The vet cleaned it up gave us antibiotics and some hibiscrub to clean it twice a day. It didn’t work. We were back, she cleaned it but to no avail. Dog hated the hibiscrub it obviously hurt her though she was an angel about it. 

So I’ve tried a few other things and found something that really worked. I mix half water half cider vinegar and wash the wound with that. The dog doesn’t mind it and instant smell relief I then rub in a little jojoba oil and we have a cure. Just have to repeat every few days but she doesn’t mind the vinegar at all.





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