A lock on the bedroom door – bliss

A lock on the bedroom door – what bliss!

My boyfriends son turned 10 this summer and we decided he is now too old to come in for a morning cuddle. 

What bliss. Lovely as he is, I struggle sometimes as I’m sure most new ‘step’ parents do. He’s a lovely boy with some autistic characteristics which can mean he’s very cuddly and touchy feely. Yes I felt cruel shutting him out but now he lies in his own bed and without the incentive of early cuddles we all get a full nights sleep and the accomampanying lift in mood of the well rested. He still gets cuddles but I’m more comfortable with this in my day clothes. If I want to change clothes I can slide the lock instead of gathering clothes and hiding in the bathroom for a cramped change then finding everything inside out and the wrong way round. I’m loving having my space again. 

It’s made us all happier with enough sleep and personal space to face the rigours of a very energetic little boy. It made a very happy summer. 


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