Christmas pressure post divorce

Christmas pressure new partners post divorce

In my past life I used to have all the kids events and my then hubby (who in his mind was a very important person) would have Xmas lunch after Xmas lunch that meant he didn’t get home till 3 in the morning. Of course a lot of them were charity events so that was ok – guilt free. Then he was hungover all weekend, I think this is why my son doesn’t drink.

It should have been a magical, well off, perfect family but the reality was different, I was very lonely, I was effectively a single mum but trapped without love or the freedom to find love. So having a guy that wants to be with me, even if he is looking at what we joke is porn (tractors and engine parts) all the time is great. I just need to get better at asking him to do stuff and not just doing it myself. Perhaps we should just mirror them one day? See what happens if we sit down when they do?
I guess he was used to a wife who’s work was looking after him and kids, so unthinkingly he cast us into that role, and in my eagerness to show him love I have jumped into that role with both feet. Time to take a step out…


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