being a grown up – making choices

Grown up choices


Living sustainably

I have had to make so many grown up choices post divorce. At first they were scary and even now some are horrible, choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea as my mum would have said.

But I find after the trauma of the research and the agonies of working it all out, once I have made a choice, I feel happy. Calm, stress free. I enjoy having a say in my destiny, and those who need me to make choices for them, my dependants. I love organising my money and knowing that I can live in a sustainable way, and the gifts I give my kids are paid for by me. That I’m working on a way to survive in my old age that’s not dependent on some narcissistic, credit mongerer.

Making my own choices is possibly the biggest change post divorce and the most rewarding, it has allowed me to ‘find myself’ I never understood this concept before, now I totally get it and it feels great.


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