pets in divorce

Pets in divorce


When he left me and the kids and our home, he also left two cats and a lovely dog. He moved to accommodation that couldn’t have pets so I had no choice but to keep them, not that I’d have it any other way.

However they were and are ageing animals, we lost one dear cat a few years ago and today I had to make a difficult decision, not THAT difficult decision, not yet… My cat is poorly, seriously so and I had to choose between serious, expensive (I’d like to say the cost didn’t matter but sadly it does), painful treatment and lifestyle changes (for him and me) with probably only a delayed final outcome or a non intervention choice – literally spoil him to death approach.

Maybe now my ex has a fabulous mansion and new family and pets, I should be dropping off my (previously our) companion who, he’s never asked about, to let him, who can afford the bills take over? I don’t want to dump a sick cat on anyone but when we got animals together, we made a commitment together that he felt he could drop lightly. Perhaps he could do the next 4 years? 

Because he dropped our pets (let alone us) so easily I don’t really think handing back the animals would be a kind thing to do (for them I mean). So I have this difficult grown up decision to make, the reality is I have no choice. I will spoil my dear cuddles and cherish our last few weeks or months together and hope I’m forgiven for not extending his life.

So much for a mans best friend though, I guess it just shows he wanted nothing from his old life to take forward to his new, literally nothing, well apart from his sports car and valuable (monetarily speaking) things. Talk about a mid life crisis!

I do have a moral dilemma as I cuddle up, I tell myself I’m better off without him, that money doesn’t matter, but if I was rich my dear cat would probably live for 5 more years… So maybe he’s right.





2 thoughts on “pets in divorce

  1. themysterymeat

    My stbx and I have discussed details like child custody, finances etc. but no mention of our two dogs. The thing is I really like/love our dogs. I have every intention to ask for 50/50 rights with these dogs just like the kids. Not to compare the kids to the dogs but…really they are part of my life too.

    Divorce sucks.

    1. mathematicalpie Post author

      Yep divorce really sucks, actually I would compare kids and pets, at least the kids can say what they want, pets are often neglected. So are kids mind you. I still struggle that my ex has never asked to see the pets or take the dog for a walk…


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