The physical stress of divorce

The physical side effects of Divorce

When your life partner leaves without warning, brace yourself for the physical effects as well as the mental.

I lost my appetite (and enjoyed the side effect of weight loss, though at the time I didn’t care)
Utter exhaustion and I mean utter exhaustion not just tiredness
Crying or feeling numb
A zombie like feeling as our brain does it’s best to protect us
Feeling cold (get an electric blanket ASAP)
Lack of ability to take any action
I love my kids but I went into shock for weeks and I was unable to help them, though they were amazing, I’m sad I was not strong for them.

But after the initial few months the big thing I suffered from were anxiety attacks or panic attacks. 

Sometimes they were a direct response to a stress, an email, a letter from lawyers but many times they just snuck up on me while doing something mundane. These were the most worrying, at first I thought I was having a heart attack or something, only after some research did I find out what these were, and how to overcome them. The secret is to control your breathing, in through your nose then out through your mouth as slowly as you can. Three years on and they are fairly rare, but people don’t realise how strong a panic attack is physically, they assume it’s just being a bit worried. A panic attack grips you physically, I would feel a spasm in my diaphragm and I would be hyperventilating without realising it, my hands, feet and face would get pins and needles and go numb and I would faint. It’s all very real so it’s important to recognise and get that breathing under control. I still don’t know why they sneak up on me, often when I have no perception of feeling anxious, PTSD? Yes it probably is post traumatic stress.

There are many other long term physical problems that are stress related, back ache etc so try to take care of yourself, try meditation and massage before reaching for the pills or the bottle.


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