elemental pleasures

My Elemental pleasure list

I wrote this list a few months after he left when I realised I’d have a serious financial change to my life and was feeling low, I wanted to show myself that pleasure doesn’t always cost (except perhaps the feather duvet but as he was allergic to feathers and I could have a feather duvet for the first time since I was a child it’s on there!

A smile from a stranger.
Hugs from friends.
A close relationship with an animal.
Feeling cold.
Feeling the sun on your back.
Growing something.
My kids doing something out of kindness.
Strangers rescuing u when u collapse in the street.
First snowdrops.
Bodies touching.
A beat.
A joke.
The giggles.
Feather Duvet.
Diving under water
Holding my breath then filling lungs.
Flying a kite

Would love to hear any other less obvious pleasures you can think of that don’t cost the earth.



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