post divorce or marriage finance and law

Post marriage/divorce law

Two stories

Story 1
My friend is a 40ish young widow. 5 years on she has found love and would like to marry, she’s religious and it matters to her to say her vows in front of god. However if she marries she becomes her new man’s chattel and as such will lose her widows pension. She can’t afford to marry him, if the marriage failed she would have nothing.

Story 2
My friend is a 40ish divorcee. She married young and she and her husband built a business together, when children came along she was less involved in the business and brought the children up and worked part-time. He left, his choice not hers, breaking their contract. 

In divorce she can not make him sell the business and give her a percentage, what would be the point, so he agreed to pay her each month a fixed figure. He claimed he couldn’t afford a final settlement, it’s his nature to live on loans. But this is classed as spousal maintenance, so she can never remarry or co-habit, while he can, while the business grows from the seeds they set up together she is on a fixed income. Again although divorced she is his chattel until another bloke takes her on.

Law for women stinks, the poorer spouse can not afford to challenge the law, the richer spouse has the law in their favour so they are not going to alter it.


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