Change is good

Change is good

Today my retirement plan fell apart, I had a long term investment with two friends that was going to give me a modest income till I snuff it. However they want to sell, so I have to take the money and run and try to find another way to make it work for me. They were friends before the divorce who are now mere acquaintances so I can see where they are coming from, they feel awkward with me and (I hope embarrassed by their behaviour) their husbands are in business with my ex and I see they had no choice but to follow the money, I won’t hold a grudge. Though No more partnerships I think, I can’t afford to be at the risk of others whims.

So after yet another bottom falling out of my world moment and a big fat door slamming in my face I see a very interesting door just to the left that I may have the key for, a loosely hatched plan to build a small home for me and my kids in my mums garden, I must be mad but it’s amazing how need can force one into action. And amazing how positive this feels, to be on hand for mum as she gets older, and turning a tiny nest egg into a tiny nest. Why not?


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