Ffriends that have it all

Friends that have it all

I went to a party last night – a house warming. Everything was perfection, all beautiful,all  immaculate and everything in its place and yes I had a tour of the whole house and there was not a hair out of place. I am happy for my friend to live in such perfection but I wake up with a slight hangover and feeling of failure to see in my hallway 4 sets of mud crusted clothes and mud soaked boots and gloves dripping onto my un immaculate floor.

We had a great time off road motor cycling but is it worth a day of washing and limping with bruises and muscle strain. I also need to hoover the car seats as they were crusted equally with the mud. The kitchen has every surface covered with plates, cups and glasses as my family fed themselves last night and the remains are left for me to deal with. But even if I clean that up my surfaces still seem full of things that don’t fit in the cupboards – extra large economy packs of cereal, the colonder doesn’t have a home as it’s too big, the meat slicer as I refuse to pay £5 for three slices of ham so cook my own, won’t fit in a cupboard. That bit of plastic for the thingymagig that I need to mend hovers by fruit bowl the kids made when they were little. The bins are full where my friends seemed to magically empty themselves. The dog doesn’t stop malting and smelling a bit cheesy. The school project – build an instrument litters the house – at least I talked him down from building a piano, which is a bit of an ask for a 9 year old to a guitar.

I question how I am unable to cope with all the basic housework duties while she runs a business and surrounds herself in perfection. Where do these perfect people put all that stuff? Do they get go out and get muddy.  Is it just that I am relative to her, poor. Economies cost, you buy in bulk and have to store stuff in a home that’s smaller anyway? 

Have all the guests gone home feeling the huge weight of inadequacy or just me?


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