being burgled

Being burgled

Coming home to find that someone has been in your house and taken everything of any portable value is pretty scary, you go through shock, anger and fear. Even more so when you are alone after divorce. But in the end someone forced me to see how I should feel sorry for the burglars, that their life had sunk this low, how desperate their lives must be to do something so vile. 

All I had lost was stuff – no I didn’t have insurance – my family were safe, it was just stuff. I learned that I had to accept it wasn’t a personal attack on me, I increased my security and have used my anger in working out how to make my house a harder target. Now it was up to me not to lose my dignity, not to live in fear, not to let my kids feel unsafe or scared and teach them to understand how bad someone’s life must be if they feel they can just rob people of their possessions.

Tips on being burgled

Call the police

Try not to touch anything

Call for help to check the house is now empty ( you don’t want to put yourself at risk)

Call a friend who can just be there for you

List everything they have taken in as much detail you can and keep that list as police may call you years later having found something

Sorry to say but don’t expect much from the police, they ask I for a list, have a look around and give you a crime number for insurance and a victim support number.

Try to make your kids feel safe.

Get CCTV, there are some quite economical systems out there

Mine came over the back yard fence, so that now has barbed wire on top of it

Enjoy buying replacement stuff, the stuff they took was old and out of date anyway

Put it behind you and don’t let an arbitary attack affect you for the rest of your life


Love to hear anyone else’s tips


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