small claims court

Small claims court experience


A client owed me about £1000 so I took them to the small claims court and after much mucking around I won. Despite them sending a barrister against me ( a barrister costs about £300 an hour) so he spent more money fighting this than if he’d just paid the bill. 

The case was interesting as I was suing an insolvency practitioner, so someone who knew all the tricks of unpaid debts and court and he still felt a barrister against a sole trader was acceptable.

So some tips

If they use a barrister in a small claim they are worried they will lose

If they offer half or more before you step into court they are worried they will lose

In court I was put in the witness box and cross examined like the guilty one, but as they only had the barrister they were not, I felt guilty and got at by them and the judge. I was the prosecuter!

If the defendent tells you the case has been adjourned do not believe them. Check direct with the court. They are trying to trick you into not attending and thus get the case thrown out. 

Don’t expect people in a position of trust to play nice.

Don’t let nerves get to you, the barrister tried to make me really nervous before we went in and even told me the likely outcome. Remember they are working for the otherside not you, don’t believe a word they say ( though they might mix in some tuths to make it believable. 

Try to stay calm and stand up for yourself.

Wear blue, it’s supposedly non confrontational.

Just answer honestly.


Now we will see if he pays within 14 days or I can blog about sending bailiffs in. 




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