Finding everything I thought I’d lost in divorce

When my husband, who I met at school, unexpectedly walked out after 25 years of marriage I thought I’d lost everything, that world had ended, but I wanted to share with everyone that three years later I found it all again – and it’s better.

I thought I’d lost the love of my life but turns out he was a narcissist and incapable of real love but now I know what true reciprocal love feels like, it’s great

I thought I lost my kids but they were amazing 

I thought my kids would lose their father but now they actually see him and interact with him

I thought I’d lost my home but it was borrowed up to the hilt now I own my own tiny home and it’s wonderfully cosy

I thought I’d lost my place in society, my status, but now I have a status in my own right not as his extension

I thought I’d lost my financial security but he had borrowed to the max, now I live within my means happily

I thought I’d lost my friends but now have a very few true friends and don’t have to bother with networkers/sham friendships

I thought I’d lost my social life but now I no longer have to talk to boring business men or hold dinner parties, I go to festivals and clubs and dance to music made after the 1980’s

I thought I’d lost my looks, past it when he dumped me for someone much younger but, with a smile on my face and love in my heart I still have it

I thought I’d lost my mind but that was just gaslighting – a form of mental abuse 

I thought I’d be bitter but I am thankful

The irony is that while I was with him I lost myself but now I have found that hidden girl and I do mad things whenever I like, I scuffle, off-road sidecar, do my own mechanics, make things and repair things, live in happiness instead of search for it.

And I start a blog… I hope you enjoy it

Learning to off road sidecar



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